A minor traumatic brain injury can cause serious side effects

A motor vehicle crash in Pennsylvania can result in a minor traumatic brain injury. While the term may be minor, the effects can cause serious problems for the injured.

The effects can last for a few days to years following the accident.

Long-lasting effects

Flint Rehab states that a mild TBI is “a closed head injury resulting in a loss of consciousness and/or disorientation for shorter than 30 minutes.” Doctors now recognize the seriousness of these injuries that may have longer-term effects than previously thought.

Concussions are the most common mild TBI and can cause depression, migraines, cognitive impairments and dizziness. Headaches can persist for years. Some patients may experience sensitivity to light, problems with sleep, trouble with decision making and struggles with mood swings.

Secondary problems

WebMD lists car accidents as the most common cause of closed head injuries from a blow to the head. Some symptoms such as loss of consciousness may happen immediately. Other symptoms can take time to show such as memory loss, ringing ears and headaches.

The injury causes the brain to swell and bleed or nerve cell damage. These can cause a patient to experience emotional and mental stress along with the physical injury. While not generally life-threatening, the effects can impact daily life from weeks to years.

The injury is often treatable, but patients need to seek medical attention following an accident. Even if symptoms delay in appearing, it is still important to see a doctor if the patient recently experienced a blow to the head. A TBI may have occurred requiring medical attention.