Avoiding mistakes is crucial in receiving workers’ comp benefits

A work-related injury should never, ever be taken lightly by you as well as your employer. First off, this is your life, your career and your health, so, if injured and temporarily unable to work, take charge of matters and pursue workers’ compensation benefits immediately. Trust your instincts, do not procrastinate and seek medical attention right away.

Why? Because if you do not, you put your chances of receiving such benefits in jeopardy. A serious back injury, broken arm, injured tendon, severe laceration, burn or respiratory ailment are all injuries that can occur in the workplace after a slip and fall, equipment malfunction, exposure to chemicals or other scenarios. You need these temporary benefits, and it is important to avoid making any mistakes that could prevent you from receiving them.

Report your injury, file for benefits

A list of some of the mistakes that could prevent you from receiving workers’ compensation benefits includes:

  • Neglecting to immediately report your injury: Be prompt and report the injury to your employer. A delay can prove costly, while your doctor or your employer’s physician may contend that your injury was not work-related.
  • Not seeking medical treatment in a timely manner: See a doctor right away after a workplace injury. Failing to do so may provide your employer’s insurer the chance to contend that the injury occurred away from work. Do not give them that opportunity.
  • Providing a deposition/statement via telephone to your employer’s insurance company: Your employer’s carrier is not your ally. It will likely seek ways to avoid making payments to you and may twist your words or get you to say something that is unfavorable to you.
  • Not applying for workers’ compensation benefits: Do not try to tough out an injury or take sick days or vacation time while recovering from an injury. You have the right to seek and obtain these benefits.

You cannot get anyone to advocate for you unless you advocate for yourself when it comes to issues such as your health and worker’s compensation. Tactfully fight for what you deserve and do you best to recover.