What happens if initial workers’ compensation claim is denied?

There are many different types of jobs in Pennsylvania. Some may involve more physical demands than other or be inherently more dangerous due to the heavy machinery or equipment that is required. When everything goes correctly the employees are safe, but if there is an accident it can result in serious injuries. These injuries can require significant medical treatment which can also result in the employee missing significant time at work. In some situations the employee may never be able to do the same job due to the injury.

This means that in addition to physical hardships associated with the injury, the employee could also experience financial hardships as well. Medical bills can add up quickly and missing time at work can mean losing income too. Workers who suffered injuries in work-related accidents could be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits though. These benefits can help pay for the medical bills and also pay the employee a portion of their income. In order to receive these benefits though the worker must first file a claim with their employer.

Steps to take if employer denies initial claim

After the claim is made the employer will then submit it to their workers’ compensation insurance carrier. There will be an initial investigation into whether the employer is entitled to benefits and if so how much they will receive. The employer or its insurance carrier may deny the claim or a portion of it though. If this occurs the employee still could receive the benefits they deserve though.

If it is denied the injured worker can then file a claim with the bureau. After the claim is filed the parties will be sent a notice of the judge assigned and when a hearing with occur. At the hearing both sides will present their evidence to the judge who will enter a written decision after the hearing. That decision could overturn the initial decision and the injured worker could receive their benefits.

It is important that injured workers in Pennsylvania have all the evidence that they need when they go to these hearings to help ensure the best results. Consulting with experienced attorneys could be beneficial.