Pennsylvania traffic deaths increased in 2020

According to a preliminary estimate from the National Safety Council, the number of traffic fatalities in Pennsylvania increased from 1,107 to 1,116.

Although this represents a slight increase, the statistic is still concerning given that people overall drove considerably fewer miles in 2020.

The country as a whole fared poorly in 2020 when it came to traffic deaths.

Even though miles driven dropped by well over 10%, the number of traffic fatalities on America’s roads jumped from just over 39,000 to just over 42,000.

This was an increase of 8%. Not surprisingly, the fatality rate per miles driven spike in 2020 as well.

The National Safety Council also anticipates the number of significant injuries, in which an accident victim sought medical treatment, will amount  to under 4,800,000.

Fewer miles driven does not translate into safer highways and roads

 The takeaway from this data is that the roads in and around Scranton are not getting any safer, even if people continue to travel fewer miles.

It seems that drivers are slow to give up bad habits, like speeding, fatigued driving and distracted driving, all of which can cause serious and even deadly motor vehicle accidents. It almost goes without saying that drunk or drugged driving is also extremely dangerous behavior.

While other techniques, including better law enforcement and improved roads, can certainly help, it is ultimately each and every individual motorist’s responsibility to make sure that Pennsylvania’s roads are safe for everyone.

When a driver falls short in living up to this responsibility, his or her victims may be able to recover compensation for their losses. These losses can include items like medical bills, lost wages and, in the right circumstances, non-economic damages like pain and suffering.