How am I going to pay my medical bills after a car accident?

Car accidents are unfortunately all too common on Pennsylvania’s many major highways. And since highway accidents often lead to severe injuries, these aftermath of these accidents can turn life upside-down for the injured and their families.

Aside from the mental and emotional toll of an accident, financial worries can cause major stress for accident victims, particularly surrounding medical bills. Pennsylvania residents who have been in an accident that was not their fault may wonder if they are responsible for paying their medical bills, and if not, who is?

No-fault insurance

Pennsylvania is a no-fault state. This means that your car insurance company will have to pay medical bills because of an accident, even an accident that was not your fault. Car insurance typically only covers a portion of medical bills from a car accident. This amount varies depending on the specific coverage limits.

If you don’t have car insurance, but have some form of health insurance, such as private insurance, Medicare or Medicaid, that insurance company may cover all or some of the medical bills.

What about the other person’s insurance?

If the driver who caused the accident has car insurance, that insurance company may cover the medical bills. However, claims for the medical bills cannot be sent directly to the other driver’s insurance company, and the insurance company will not pay the bills directly. The insurance company is not likely to initially agree to pay the bills either, until some proof of fault is shown.

Additionally, the other driver’s insurance company may approach you and offer to pay the medical bills through a lump sum settlement. If this occurs, it may help to assess the situation with a clear head and in the right frame of mind, as the insurance company may offer a lower settlement amount, hoping to settle the case while you are still feeling the aftershocks of the accident.

The insurance process can be confusing and medical bills often pile up quickly. Speaking with a professional who can provide guidance through the process can be a tremendous benefit.