What compensation is available for workplace injuries?

Those in the Scranton area who are injured on the job experience significant physical injuries and psychological distress. If you are injured, you want to focus on regaining your health, but you may be concerned about how you will be able to pay your bills and put food on the table if you are unable to work. For this reason, the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation system provides benefits to qualifying individuals to cover these expenses.

Compensation for lost wages

If you are totally disabled and cannot work, you may be able to pursue compensation for lost wages. In addition, if you are partially disabled and is making less than you were before your injury, you may be eligible to seek compensation for lost wages.

Compensation for specific loss benefits

Sometimes a workplace injury causes you to lose part or all of a digit, sight or hearing. If so, you may be able to seek specific loss benefits.

Compensation for medical care

Employers have the duty to provide you with medical care at the time of your injury. You are entitled to payment of reasonable surgical and medical expenses. Necessary medicine, hospital treatment, orthopedics and prostheses may also be covered by your employer.

Understand your rights

If you are injured at work, it can be a distressing situation. You may worry about being able to provide for your family while you are unable to work. Fortunately, Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation system provides benefits to those who qualify. It is important to understand your rights to compensation via Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation system. When you have a solid understanding of your rights you can make decisions that are in your best interests.