What is the purpose of the workers’ compensation system?

Most people in Pennsylvania have heard of workers’ compensation. Fortunately, most people will never need to deal with the workers’ compensation system. But, the reality is that each year there are many people who get injured on the job and who need to submit a claim to get workers’ compensation benefits. So, what is the purpose of the workers’ compensation system?

In essence, the whole concept of the workers’ compensation system is quite straightforward. First, injured workers are able to submit a claim that can quickly get them a portion of their lost wages if they are unable to return to work for a period of time due to the on-the-job injury. Second, employers who take part in the workers’ compensation system – which is most of them – are protected from lawsuits from injured workers, for the most part.

Injured workers need funds and medical treatment quickly after suffering on-the-job injuries. That is when workers’ compensation can step in to help. But, the process isn’t always easy. Some workers’ compensation claims can get complicated in a hurry. That is when Pennsylvania residents may need additional information about their legal options.

Getting it right

At our law firm, we understand how difficult it can be to be out of work due to a workplace injury. We work with our clients to attempt to make sure they get the maximum benefits from the workers’ compensation system. And, in some cases, additional legal action may be warranted. For more information, please visit the workers’ compensation overview section of our law firm’s website.