Car accident shuts down portion of I-81

Most Pennsylvanians are careful when driving so as to avoid causing or being in an accident. This means they avoid distractions, drive the speed limit or the appropriate speed for the current weather conditions and follow the traffic laws. People who do this are less likely to be involved in a car accident, but that will not prevent them from ever being in one.

While drivers can control their own actions while driving, they cannot control the actions of others. When other people make poor decisions, they can cause accidents and it may be impossible to avoid them.

Sometimes the initial accident may cause a chain reaction and other vehicles in the area may become involved because they are unable to avoid the initial collision between other vehicles.

Several people injured in multi-vehicle crash

This recently occurred on Interstate 81. A According to news reports, several people were injured in a multi-vehicle accident. News reports did not say how many people were injured, or specify the extent of their injuries

In situations like these, others are often caught up in an accident they did not cause. It can be particularly devastating when people suffer injuries as a result, which can be costly and affect many parts of their lives.

Accident victims incur medical bills as they treat their injuries. They may also needto buy a new car, and they may be out of work while they heal. These costs can be profound. Experienced attorneys understand how devastating these accidents can be and may be a useful resource.