What is a workers’ compensation investigator allowed to do?

After filing your workers’ compensation claim after a work injury, there are several steps that you are required to follow. Completing these steps is important to increase your chance of a successful claim.

According to the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, you must cooperate with the insurance company during their investigation. They will investigate your employment, wages and your physical condition.

The purpose of the investigation is to ensure that you are not committing workers’ compensation fraud and your claim that you cannot yet return to work is valid.

There are limits to an investigation

Knowing that this investigation is taking place can cause you extreme stress and anxiety. You may suddenly worry that an investigator is following you around everywhere and spying on you.

There are certain things that workers’ compensation investigators can do and certain things they cannot do. For example, an investigator can access your medical and employment records.

They can check your social media

An investigator can also check your social media accounts. You should be extremely careful about anything you post on social media while you are receiving workers’ compensation benefits.

By now, it is common knowledge that that many people have gotten in trouble for their social media posts. Additionally, social media posts can easily be taken out of context.

You might post something completely innocent that an investigator interprets a certain way. They could try to use it against you. It is best to stay off social media entirely while your claim is being investigated.

Your private home is off limits

Your employer or the insurance company can go beyond their own investigator and hire a private investigator. Therefore, your paranoia might not be completely unfounded.

When it comes to conducting in-person surveillance, investigators must stick to public places. They can take photos or videos of you in public but cannot when you are in your private home.

They cannot touch your private residence at all. This includes putting equipment on it to conduct surveillance of you at home.

If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable during your workers’ compensation investigation, talking to an attorney can help. You have legal rights that deserve protection.