Common delayed injuries after a car accident

Car accidents happen in an instant, causing substantial damage to both people and vehicles. Like most people, you probably assume that any injuries you suffer from a car accident will be immediately apparent.

While it is true that some injuries are immediately obvious, such as a broken bone, you may not notice some injuries right away.

This can cause you to walk away from a car accident believing that you are physically fine.

Why you can be injured and not know it

There are various reasons for this. A traumatic event can cause our bodies to go into shock, or our adrenaline to spike. We do not usually feel pain when our bodies are in these states.

This causes delayed injuries. Some common delayed injuries after a car accident include:

  • Headaches
  • Neck pain
  • Back pain

A headache after a car accident could be caused by fatigue or stress from the accident but could also be a sign of a head injury, such as a concussion.

Your behavior can change after a head injury. You could become depressed or experience personality changes. These symptoms often show up weeks or even months after an accident.

Whiplash is one of the most common car accident injuries, and one that you may not notice right away. Neck pain, tingling or numbness in certain areas of your body may take time to develop and can be signs of whiplash.

Our backs are among the most crucial areas of our bodies. It is rare to be involved in a car accident with no impact to your back, but it might not hurt right away.

Do not talk about your injuries until you see a doctor

At your car accident scene, it is best to say nothing about how you feel or any injuries. Do not say you are fine or uninjured since within a few hours you could be experiencing some of these symptoms.

Have a full physical exam performed after your car accident, no matter how you feel. If symptoms develop after a few days, see a doctor again.

Injuries from a car accident are costly to treat and can cause you intense pain and suffering. Attorneys experienced with personal injury claims help accident victims recover compensation for these damages.