Former athlete’s workers’ compensation case decided in his favor

In Pennsylvania, workers’ compensation cases can be complicated. The employer could claim that they are not responsible for the worker’s injury, should not pay the amount requested or do not need to cover their medical costs.

People who are in this situation will inevitably be fearful about the future. This can happen to those who work in physical jobs, those who are sedentary and anyone in between. Some are high-profile.

One recent case that was in dispute for several years was decided in the worker’s favor. People dealing with a disputed workers’ compensation case could use this case to understand the process and how they might achieve a similarly positive result.

Former Eagles player wins workers’ compensation case after multiple appeals

While the Philadelphia Eagles were preparing to play for a championship, a former player from several years ago won his workers’ compensation case against the team from an injury he suffered in 2015. Emmanuel Acho—who is now a media personality—had injured his thumb in the preseason that year.

Although the linebacker was hurt during practice, he played a preseason game a week and a half after the injury. During a later practice, he hurt the thumb again, suffering a fracture. The team gave him an injury settlement and released him. He was paid for three weeks.

After trying unsuccessfully to come back, he filed a workers’ compensation claim against the team in 2018. There were medical disagreements regarding the severity of his injury and how much it hindered his ability to play football. A judge eventually awarded him partial disability, but the Eagles appealed. After several years of back and forth, a three-judge panel affirmed his award.

People should remember that they have options when fighting for workers’ compensation

While there might be an initial belief that a work injury and workers’ compensation case for an everyday person does not bear similarities to that of a former professional athlete, there are common denominators that could be useful. Even if there are denials and disputes, there are options to try and fight for the benefits a worker believes they are entitled to.

For any workers’ compensation case, getting the maximum in benefits can sometimes be difficult, especially if the employer or insurer is trying to limit the award or not pay at all. It is imperative to have experienced help in the entire process from filing the claim to combating appeals. This can be crucial to reaching a satisfactory result and getting their benefits.