Common causes of bus accidents and next steps

With the weather warming up, many people are considering their travel plans and hitting the road can be a fun way to experience new places. Travelers should be aware, however, of what to do if they are in a bus accident.

Common accident causes

Bus accidents can happen in a variety of situations. Speeding, texting or using a cell phone while driving, and impaired driving can all increase the risk of an accident. Accidents can also occur when there is a mechanical failure, like faulty brakes, tires or steering.

Sometimes, bus accidents occur because the vehicle was not properly maintained or inspected.

Drivers should take special caution in bad weather and difficult road conditions. Rain, night driving, uneven surfaces and poorly maintained roads can cause an accident because these factors may delay the driver’s reaction time and make it harder to see others on the road.

Next steps after an accident

If a traveler is involved in a bus accident, it’s important to first evaluate whether anyone in the vehicle needs medical attention and contact emergency services if needed.

Drivers should be aware that injuries from an accident may not always be immediately apparent. Vehicle accidents can cause both physical injuries and emotional impact. Medical professionals may recommend initial treatment and follow-up appointments to ensure the traveler does not have long-term effects.

It’s helpful to document the accident, including taking photos, the names and contact information of the drivers, recording license plate numbers and insurance information. This documentation can help to establish evidence that may be crucial to helping the injured recover compensation through a personal injury claim.