Photo of Professionals at McDonald & MacGregor LLC
Photo of Professionals at McDonald & MacGregor LLC
Photo of Professionals at McDonald & MacGregor LLC
Photo of Professionals at McDonald & MacGregor LLC

Wilkes-Barre Slip-And-Fall Lawyers

A slip-and-fall injury is referred to legally as a “premises liability” injury, which means that it may be possible to hold a property owner or lessee accountable for your injury.

At McDonald & MacGregor, LLC (M&M Law), we handle premises liability injuries of all sorts throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania and regularly in the Scranton and Wilkes-Barre areas. Potentially meritorious premises liability claims include:

  • Slip and falls
  • Parking lot injuries
  • Falling objects that cause injury
  • Stair, escalator and elevator injuries
  • Injuries caused by poor lighting
  • Uneven sidewalk injury
  • Slippery sidewalk injury (due to snow and ice)
  • Swimming pool injury
  • Construction site injury
  • Dog bite or attack
  • Inadequate security (mugging or assault)

Injury cases can be pursued against grocery stores, retail stores, apartment and condo building owners, casinos, resorts, restaurants, schools and many other types of property owners.

Premises Liability Cases Are Complex

While it is a property owner’s responsibility to properly maintain a reasonably safe premises, these cases can be difficult to prove without witnesses and other physical evidence, such as photographs and properly diagnosed injuries.

M&M Law knows exactly what is necessary to obtain the full and fair compensation you deserve. Our attorneys have more than 80 years of combined experience handling personal injury cases in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Our skills and our team are specifically tapped for complicated slip-and-fall and other types of premises liability injury cases.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured on someone else’s property (even a close friend’s or family member’s), it is important to understand your legal options. In many cases, insurance companies pay out these claims, and your relationship with a close friend or family member can be maintained.

Slip-And-Fall Injury Attorneys In Scranton

Maximize your recovery and ensure your best interests are protected. Do not delay contacting an experienced lawyer. Please call us at 570-209-8893 or contact us by email to schedule a free consultation. We handle all cases on a contingency fee basis, which means there are no legal fees unless you win.