Attorney Referrals

Our attorneys value referral relationships. They are proud of the fact that a significant portion of our cases are referred to us by attorneys who practice with and against us. These are:

  • Fellow lawyers who are most familiar with our reputation and the quality of our legal skills as trial attorneys send family members, friends and clients to us for help.
  • Out-of-state counsel choose us to handle their personal injury matters because they recognize the significance of our attorneys’ leadership positions in Pennsylvania statewide lawyer organizations.

We work closely with referring counsel to keep you up to date on your referred client’s cases because we understand the importance of your attorney-client relationship. Our attorneys have shared millions of dollars in referral fees with counsel through mutually beneficial referral fee agreements.

Whether it is a complex case with catastrophic damages that requires our special skill set, or a meritorious claim that you thought you’d have more time to handle that is now dragging on, we can help. Let us do the work for you and your valued client.

Please call us at 570-209-8893 or reach out to one of our attorneys directly through their email address listed below.

Michael J. McDonald – [email protected]

Malcolm L. MacGregor – [email protected]

Terrence R. Nealon, Jr. – [email protected]