Tools And Forms

We know this is a very hard time for you and your family. We offer these tools for your review so that you might have access to helpful information about your claim, the laws that may apply, as well as medical resources to learn more about injuries and treatment options.

If there was a delay in diagnosing your cancer, these resources can help:Have you been injured on the job? You need to know about the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act:

American Cancer Society

American College of Radiology

Johns Hopkins Medicine

Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

American Society of Clinical Oncology

Workers' Compensation Act

Workers' Compensation Forms

Protect PA Workers

PA Bureau of Labor and Industry

PA Unemployment Benefits

Did a reckless driver injure you?Medical Malpractice changes lives. Has a medical error changed your life forever?

PA Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law

Protect PA Drivers

PA Department of Transportation Regulations

Full vs Limited Tort Election forms

Med Mal Facts

PA Department of Health

PA Department of Professional Licensure (for filing complaints against Hospitals & Doctors)

American Psychiatric Association

Tort Reform Truth

Additional Links:

PA Department of Public Welfare

Social Security Administration

Medicare and Medicaid Services