Where do most car accidents occur in Pennsylvania?

Unfortunately, traffic is a huge problem throughout our state. Have you found yourself stuck behind a sea of red brake lights on I-80, I-81, or the Pennsylvania Turnpike? There is a troubling cause behind many traffic jams: severe auto accidents. Often, accompanying those severe wrecks are lasting injuries or worse.

Pennsylvania motor vehicle accident data

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation data reveals just where most car accidents happen: state highways, like interstates 80, 81, 380 and the PA Turnpike. For the year 2020, three times the number of auto accidents occurred on state highways and the turnpike compared to local roads. Even more troubling, these roads account for roughly 4.5 times more fatalities in the same year.

Work zones are especially problematic. Over the past five years, the data reflects over 90% of all work zone accidents happened on state highways, like interstates and turnpikes.

No matter where an accident occurs, you have options

What are your options if you are involved in an auto wreck on a Pennsylvania highway? Beyond the damage to your vehicle, you may also suffer physical, mental and other financial burdens after an accident. You have the option of working with your insurance or the other driver’s insurance, if they carry insurance. You can also discuss your options with an attorney.

Attorneys are keenly aware that your damages after a high-speed crash may be more than just superficial. You may need an experienced litigator, who is not willing to settle with an insurer, who does not know the full scope of your present and future needs.