Driving safely in work zones

Road construction seems to be all over in the summer, especially on busy roads and highways like the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Many motor vehicle accidents occur in construction work zones.

Drivers are often anxious when driving in work zones. If this sounds like you, there are several ways you can stay safe when driving through a work zone.

Pay close attention

You should always pay close attention to the road and avoid distracted driving, but this is particularly important when you are driving around road construction. Pay attention to the road signs and workers, who are often letting traffic know where to go.

Watch the speed limit. Speed limits are usually lower in work zones, so make sure you know what the posted speed limit is and follow it. If you still feel nervous driving, go slower, but not so slow that you hold up traffic and agitate other drivers. Put your four-way flashers on so drivers know you will be driving slowly.

Aggressive driving can increase in work zones because most drivers are unhappy about the slow down. Expect this from other drivers and watch for signs of aggressive driving.

Be patient and accept the situation

Everyone must have patience in work zones. Remember that no one there wants to be stuck in traffic and everyone has somewhere they are trying to get to. Do not take out your frustrations on other drivers.

Keep a safe distance between your vehicle and others. Driver impatience is usually what leads to clogged up traffic in work zones. Avoid tailgating other drivers, which significantly increases the chance of a rear-end crash.

Use your technology for updates

Many driving navigation systems today have a feature showing you where traffic is slowed down and for how long. Take advantage of this feature. If anything, knowing how much longer you must wait in traffic can help you relax and be patient until you get through it.

Work zone accidents are often caused by a driver’s negligence. If you are in a work zone accident and think this might be the reason, there are professionals out there who can answer your questions.