What types of benefits does workers’ comp pay?

If you have been injured while on the job or are suffering from an illness related to your job, you may be legally entitled to certain benefits from your employer. Under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, most employers are required to provide employees with workers’ compensation coverage, which begins on the day you are hired.

Types of workers’ compensation benefits available in Pennsylvania

There are several types of workers’ compensation benefits available to workers in Pennsylvania. Some of these benefits include:

  • Medical care: Employees suffering from work-related injuries or illnesses, may be entitled to reasonable medical expenses including surgeries, hospital expenses, medical testing for diagnosis, prostheses, medications, and medical supplies. Medical expenses will be covered even if you do not miss any work.
  • Temporary total and partial disability: Employees with injuries and illnesses that prevent them from returning to work or prevent them returning to full capacity may be eligible for disability benefits.
  • Lost wages: Workers may not be able to work while recovering from a work-related injury or medical condition and therefore may receive pay for the days they were out of work.
  • Specific loss: Benefits may be given to workers who have lost the use of a body part or suffered permanent or severe disfigurement.
  • Death: If an employee dies from an on-the-job injuries or illness, their heirs may be entitled to benefits.

Many workers are entitled to benefits from their employer for on-the-job injuries and illnesses. If you suffered a work-related injury or illness, it is important to report your condition to your employer and file your claim as soon as possible.