Can I recover lost wages through workers’ compensation?

Being injured at work can be a huge monetary setback. You are unable to earn your normal wages due to your injury and this can quickly lead to many financial struggles as you try to figure out which bills to pay and how to provide for your family’s needs.

Fortunately, Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation system is meant to address these concerns and provides several types of benefits, including wage-loss benefits.

Workers’ compensation and wage-loss benefits

If you are injured at work, you can seek compensation for lost wages through Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation system. These are referred to as wage-loss benefits. Wage-loss benefits are paid when you are totally disabled and cannot work or if you are partially disabled and thus are earning less than you did before your injury.

The amount of wage-loss benefits paid will be an estimated two-thirds of what you earned in the average week.

Wage-loss benefits can be offset in several ways. They can be offset for 50% of your Social Security benefits, employer-paid pensions, severance pay or unemployment benefits. Cost of living does not factor into wage-loss benefits.

Workers’ compensation helps those injured on the job

If you are injured and cannot work, you can quickly be thrust into an untenable financial situation. It is very easy to get behind on your bills and difficult to keep food on the table when you are not earning your normal wages. This can easily lead to further stress as you try to figure out how you are going to make ends meet until you can return to work.

Fortunately, Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation system recognizes these difficulties and provides benefits for lost wages, medical care and specific loss benefits. These benefits can be the lifeline you need to make it through financially when an injury prevents you from working.