The worst road for safety in the United States runs through Pennsylvania

Drivers in Scranton, Northeastern Pennsylvania and throughout the state are undoubtedly aware of the potential dangers on the roads. Auto accidents can happen in an instant and there are many catalysts for them.

This is a problem across the United States. However, one recent analysis showed that a specific road that runs through Pennsylvania has the dubious distinction of being the worst in the nation. Drivers should be cognizant of this, especially as the holiday season approaches and travel will spike.

Interstate 95 is the most dangerous highway in the United States

According to a recent analysis, Interstate 95 has the highest number of fatalities in the nation. This research, conducted by the insurance comparison website, The Zebra, stated that the numbers for 2019 placed I-95 at the top for road danger. That year was used because the full numbers for the subsequent two years have yet to be released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

For 2019, the NHTSA’s numbers showed there were nearly 15 deaths for every 100 miles traveled and a total of 284. What is relevant to Pennsylvanians is that despite I-95 being used for a wide stretch along the East Coast, many of the collisions happened in colder climates like the Keystone State. Another area road, Interstate 80, also came in the top 10, placing ninth. It had just over seven deaths for every 100 miles with a total of 209.

Facing the aftermath of an auto accident can be daunting and help is often needed

As the holidays and winter approach, drivers must take care, know what to look for and how to try and avoid motor vehicle accidents. That includes being attentive, watching for reckless drivers, keeping an eye out for distracted drivers and being cautious. It is also wise to know what to do if there is a crash.

State and federal entities strive to track auto accidents to determine why they occur, which roads might be more dangerous than others and to try and formulate strategies to reduce their frequency. Knowing that I-95, I-80 and other prominent roads are hotbeds for accidents is part of that. Still, there are many collisions that drivers cannot avoid and to recover for medical costs, lost income, pain and suffering and more, it is important to have professional help.